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If you don't see a service that matches your needs please contact the VSpace team to discuss.

NOTE: Services in 'grey' do not have full information posted to this site as yet However, please note that all services are available and further information can be obtained by submitting a request to the vSpace team. Click here to submit your request.

The vSpace Portfolio

Oil Worker

The vSpace Portfolio is built around the provision of 'on-demand' managed project services providing a secure virtual space for viewing, interpreting and exchanging data and information.

vSpace is a combination of secure technical environment and services; and is not a fixed product or service.

A vSpace solution is comprised of:
  • Service & Functionality 'Elements'
  • Technical 'Components' (e.g. a particular hosted application)

Clients combine Elements and Components to suit business needs:
  • No minimum or maximum commitment
  • Let vSpace adapt as your business evolves
  • vSpace is purposely designed to be easily and rapidly scalable

A solution for everyone:
No matter the size of organisation or project the vSpace team will be able to supply you with a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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vSpace Core Technologies


Virtual Project Areas using Application Hosting technologies

  • * Landmark Software Suite
  • * Vendor Neutral - Any 'in-house'   or 3rd party software*
  • * Configurable user permissions
  • * Data Catalogues
  • * Single source of Project Data

Seismic & Geological Data Banking using PetroBank technologies

  • * As used in National Data Banks
  • * Supported by a full data   management service
*Subject to necessary permissions