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NOTE: Services in 'grey' do not have full information posted to this site as yet However, please note that all services are available and further information can be obtained by submitting a request to the vSpace team. Click here to submit your request.

Collaboration Workspace

Oil Worker

When working on a specific project or data set, utilise Landmark vSpace Services to set up a dedicated, fully customised Collaboration Workspace. Work alongside colleagues and selected partners irrespective of their physical location, reducing the need to travel. Add the appropriate data sets and required Landmark or third party applications to the workspace to ensure efficient working. When the project is complete the workspace can be archived and closed or put into hibernation for retrieval at a later date.

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vSpace Core Technologies


Virtual Project Areas using Application Hosting technologies

  • * Landmark Software Suite
  • * Vendor Neutral - Any 'in-house'   or 3rd party software*
  • * Configurable user permissions
  • * Data Catalogues
  • * Single source of Project Data

Seismic & Geological Data Banking using PetroBank technologies

  • * As used in National Data Banks
  • * Supported by a full data   management service
*Subject to necessary permissions