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Data Storage

Oil Worker

Data Storage : Landmark offers storage of data in PetroBank® Master Data Store™, which together with PowerExplorer and/or PetroBank Explorer will provide easy access to the stored data. PetroBank® Master Data Store™ E&P database software provides easy, secure access to online, quality-assured E&P information. PetroBank Master Data Store software manages bulk seismic, well, production and other raw, technical information at a corporate, regional or national level for rapid distribution to a network of clients. It's a modular, scalable, multi-client system that provides access to huge amounts of data in an efficient and secure environment.

The solution can be accessed via the Internet, using Landmark vSpace which is Landmark’s Cloud Services portal, or by using a dedicated communication line (or SOIL (in Norway)). The Master Data Store software enables E&P professionals to quickly browse, select and retrieve shared or proprietary information.


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