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Document Management

Oil Worker

Host your documents with Landmark vSpace and utilise Landmark’s expertise and experience in this field. Landmark will design and build a custom environment for your documents ensuring they can be simply and quickly viewed and retrieved by the user.

Once loaded, items can be found through structured, document content or GIS searches and rapidly reviewed or downloaded. The interface can be implemented to meet your exact specifications, displaying any required metadata fields. Users can be grouped according to the permissions and the access rights you require, including administration level. Full backups and access to Disaster Recovery systems deliver complete peace of mind to the data manager.

Reduce the burden of document management even further with Landmark’s Data Management specialists who will gather, QC and repair documents prior to loading. Landmark will work with you to remove duplication and identify the data you need. Personnel with great experience of these data types will perform the indexing process, ensuring the accuracy of your metadata. Only approved and quality data are made available to your user community. The team can also perform scanning and digitising on original hardcopy items, therefore preserving your archive for prosperity.

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vSpace Core Technologies


Virtual Project Areas using Application Hosting technologies

  • * Landmark Software Suite
  • * Vendor Neutral - Any 'in-house'   or 3rd party software*
  • * Configurable user permissions
  • * Data Catalogues
  • * Single source of Project Data

Seismic & Geological Data Banking using PetroBank technologies

  • * As used in National Data Banks
  • * Supported by a full data   management service
*Subject to necessary permissions